About Us

We are your partner in Aesthetic Technology

If you want to keep up at the cutting edge of beauty equipment, you have come to the right place!

Global Beauty is an established supplier of Beauty Equipments in Malaysia, especially in the e-Light Technology. Together with our cutting edge technology equipments we have a line of skin care and health care product to compliment the results of our equipments delivered.

We are dedicated in bringing you the latest non- invasive and non-aggressive Aesthetic Technology. We understand the need of aestheticians and the result that their customers demand.

We are focus

We are focus in offering Aesthetic Technology Solutions and we are an expert in e-Light Technology. We import equipment based on our extensive research and our expertise in this field. We are not a supermarket supplier that selling cosmetics, consumables or beauty salon furniture. Furthermore, as a responsible and reputable supplier, we will address all the questions that our customers may have.

Training / Service & Maintenance

We are a professional Team that consists of experts from different fields to meet your expectation.

Training is one of our core competencies. We provide our customers with thorough training on theory, on hand operation as well as the marketing plan; how to make use of the equipment to generate business and profit.

Service & Maintenance is absolutely central to our business philosophy. We carry our own spares and have a team of Graduates from Mechanical and Electronic Engineering to render their service to our customers upon request.

Our difference to Others

Our partnership-oriented philosophy means we are committed to putting your interests ahead of our own , and you will receive personalized attention to meet your particular needs. We are uniquely positioned within the industry to offer such attention.

We hope you will choose to partner with us on your journey and take advantages of our experience in this wonderful industry that we share.

Our Achievements