Product Code : SB4


Needle-free Skin Oxygen Injection

All human body cells need an uninterrupted supply of oxygen. But it turns out that our organisms get not enough oxygen for their optimal activity because of the modern ecology, stresses, bad nutrition and smoking. As a result, metabolic processes in the organism are disturbed; people suffer from premature aging and stand higher risks of cardiovascular diseases.

To avert the troubles, we need to compensate oxygen on time. OxyMist injects active oxygen molecules to enrich skin cells and also help better assimilation of active components of cosmetics. It also helps to make skin cells more energetic and youthful.

When applied regularly, OxyMist stimulates the production of collagen and elastin; it also accelerates healing of wounds, smoothes inflammatory and allergy on skin. OxyMist control the treatment depth of the skin as required. The system mix 99% of pure oxygen molecule and sodium chloride molecule into a new water-oxygen molecule (5200μm) and then inject the mixture into the dermis with the speed of 200m per second in order to supply hydration and oxygen to the skin.

Major Applications

  1. Remove all types of pigment(freckle,chaosma,liverspot…)
  2. Hair removal (armpit,arms,legs, bikiniline…)
  3. Acne treatment
  4. Skin firming
  5. Cellulite reduction
  6. Whitening
  7. Wrinkle reduction/ removal
  8. Open pore tightening
  9. Broken capillary reduction
  10. Buttock lifting
  11. Breast Firming
  12. Decompose Adipose
  13. Lighten or remove stretch mark
  14. Neck skin rejuvenation and tightening


  1. Pre-cooling system
  2. Safe, painless, without numbness or redness
  3. Short treatment time (approximately 15 to 30 minutes / section
  4. Applicable to any part of body
  5. Visible result
  6. Lasting effect after