eMax Lite (SB123)

Product Code : SB123


E-light : E-light technology is the latest technology for light treatment, which is the only technology, combines both optical (light) energy and bipolar radio frequency (RF). The incorporating of RF enable the energy penetrate into the dermis while lower the light level (60%less to reach the safety result without burning the epidermis and suitable for all skin type). The pre-cooling is an added safety and comforting for the treatment.

e.MaxLite is the latest e-light technology equipment, the technology includes light and RF energies. Its helps to increase subcutaneous blood circulation and metabolition; decompose skin pigmentation effectively, stimulate collagen regeneration and accelerate skin cells renewal. A prefer equipment for skin rejuvenation, freckle and hair removal.

Major Applications
  1. Remove all types of pigment(freckle,chaosma,liverspot…)
  2. Hair removal (armpit,arms,legs, bikiniline…)
  3. Acne treatment
  4. Skin tightening
  5. Strechmark Reduction
  6. Whitening
  7. Open pore tightening
  8. Broken capillary reduction
  9. Neck skin rejuvenation and tightening
  1. Pre-cooling system
  2. Safe,not causing pain, numbness or redness
  3. Short treatment time (approximately 15 to 30 minutes / section)
  4. Applicable to any part of body
  5. Visible result
  6. Lasting effect after
  7. Light-weighted, convenience to move around