Product Code : SB5D


The 4th generation upgraded slimming system, combines the latest technology of Ultra Cavitations, Multi Polar RF and Lipo Red Heat Light fat melting handpieces. The equipment is a revolutionary innovated with a 8 polar RF heat vacuum suction, which means the treatment has a longer lasting effective for any type of obesity. This 8 polar RF heat vacuum suction also provides muscle tone up and reshaping properties. The equipment also come with 2 polar RF and 3 polar RF for face and neck lifting, firming and reshaping treatment.

Ultra Cavitations reduces adipose size and amount, although the adipose cells which left over could expand with time, the result is still lasting than other technology. The procedure:

  • Adipose tissue are all sticking together before treatment
  • 40 seconds after treatment, ultra sound waves generates empty micro bubbles in the liquid within the Adipose tissues and the bubbles are expanding
  • 2 minutes later, the expanded bubbles will implode and collapse.Hence the adipose cells will burst.
  • 3 minutes later, more adipose cells will burst.
  • 4 minutes later, the destructed adipose cells will transform the fat modules into liquid substance and it can be excreted out through lymphatic system.
Major Applications
  1. Detox
  2. Burn fat
  3. Body sculpting
  4. Slimming
  5. Smooth away orange peel
  6. Skin tightening,sagging prevention
  7. Improve blood circulation and metabolism
  8. Smooth away scar and wrinkle
  9. Hydrate the skin
  10. Decompose adipose
  11. Smooth stretch mark
  12. Increase elastin
  1. Safe,not causing pain, numbness or redness
  2. Short treatment time (approximately 15 to 30 minutes / section)
  3. Applicable to any part of body and any type of obese
  4. Different size treatment heads
  5. Lasting effect after once course