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Product Code : SB16


Breast Augmentation

Latest Technology for bust beauty, it combines traditional bust firming technology with newly researched, scientifically proven augmentation technology. It helps to reshape, re-activate and plump up breast. Effectively enlarge, lift up and firm up breasts.

Major Applications
  • Dissociate fat re-localizing
  • Breast Firming
  • Breast Lifting
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast Reshaping
  • Improve circulation
  • Whitening & rejuvenating
  • Areola rejuvenating
  1. Technologies in one machine
    • Heart Rate Testing Monitor
    • Electro Stimulate Lifting
    • Breast Cells Activation
    • COSCO IR Nipple Rejuenation
    • Infrared Heat Stimulation
    • Vacuum Suction Bust Reshaping
    • Rhythmic Aerobic Vacuum Activation
    • Heart Rate Synchronous Rhythm
    • Radio Frequency Thermal System
  2. Visible result
  3. Lasting effect