Enhance Whitening Essential Oil

Rejuvenates and Smoothens Your Skin


Pigmentation is found in 8 out of 10 ladies. Do not let pigmentation keep you away from being pretty. Enhance Whitening Essential Oil helps you to realize this dream. Let this natural botanical extract plays its healing effect to restore your fair, smooth and elastic skin.

Farewell, pigmentation!

Enhance Whitening Essential Oil is a blend of rose, geranium and lemon essential oil with grape seed baseoil, it helps to removes pigmentation effectively and rejuvenates your skin.

Rose Essential Oil

  • Absorb into skin wonderfully, it stimulates metabolism and activates regeneration of cells, controls free radical, enhances blood circulation and restores the elasticity of skin.
  • Depigmentation from within, presenting a fairer and smoother skin.
  • Age proof, anti wrinkle and moisturizing, suitable for all skin types
  • Possess soothing effect that helps to reduce stress and generate positive emotions

Geranium Essential Oil

  • Shrinks pores and enhances blood circulation, blooms rosy complexion and vigorous skin, making it smooth and shiny
  • Acts as anti bacterial agent and balances the secretion of sebaceous gland
  • Possess calming effect that helps to reduce depression and stabilize emotions

Lemon Essential Oil

  • Rich in Vitamin C – excellent for whitening and depigmentation, moisturizes and improves the dullness tone on skin
  • Softens cuticle, shrinks pores and balances the secretion of sebaceous gland
  • Helps in focusing and calming, generates refreshing emotions

Grapeseed base oil

  • Rich in Vitamins, minerals and proteins. It enhances the moisturizing effect for the skin. It is non greasy and easy for absorption.