Enhance Silk Protein Mask

My Second Skin


《本草纲目》: Silk Protein Powder helps to lighten pigmentation and treat skin with acne problem.

Modern Medical Technology: The protein content of Silk is much higher than Pearl, especially the content of Amino Acid, which is 10 times higher. The Structure of Silk is similar to human skin, which is why the mask made from nature silk has been called “the second skin”.

100% made from natural silk. Enhance Silk Protein Mask which contains 18 types of Amino Acids and trace elements has a strong affinity to human skin. Modern Biochemical Technology and Nanotechnology have further enhanced the skin’s absorption of silk protein and other trace elements, improving the skin’s elasticity, rejuvenating cells, moisturizing and illuminating our skin.

Enhance Silk Protein Mask is a type of porous fibers. It has the advantages of good absorption as well as good penetration, and it has 5-10 times higher moisture holding power than normal sheet mask. Enhance Silk Protein Mask “ Locks” , “ Delivers” and “ Releases” the active ingredients into the dermal level and keep up its elasticity.

Enhance Silk Protein Mask is extremely light, transparent, soft and thin. When it is applied, it will not easily slipped down, thus also prevents the skin from being pulled loose. Mask wearing will not affect the normal activities. It is convenient and time saving.

Enhance Silk Protein Mask, as a “second skin” tightly adhere and perfectly reflects the contours of your face. Your skin will be perfectly covered and nourished.

Enhance Silk Protein Mask’s Essence

  • Moisturizing
    • Hyaluronic acid and Tranexamic acid, are the most powerful moisturizing agents in nature. They improve skin metabolism, soften skin cells, smooth wrinkles, increase elasticity and prevent skin aging. Used in conjunction with other active ingredients, may help to promote a better absorption of other nutrients.
  • Illuminating
    • Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, used to prevent the damage of environmental substances and UV to the skin. It helps to inhibit the formation of melanin and thus prevent the formation of pigmentation. It also contributes to the growth of collagen, lightens fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C also promotes the metabolism rate of the skin cells, improve skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Reviving
    • Soluble collagen, helps to replenish the collagen that required every day. It also helps to delay skin aging process, promote skin elasticity and suppleness.
  • Direction
    • The Silk Protein Mask came with 3 layers. Middle layer is the silk protein mask while the white and blue are the protecting layers. After Cleansing, remove the white protecting layer and place the mask layers onto the face. Then remove the blue protecting layer. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Do not wash off the mask serum.